Terry Loerch


Terry Loerch is a strong advocate for disability rights. He believes that anyone can be successful as long as they never give up.

About Terry Loerch

Terry Loerch earned a BA from Washington State University in Communication and Business with emphasis in Public Relations and Business Law. Since 2008, he has acted as Chief Executive Officer and Board Director for Handicap Review, a C-Corp and Accessibility, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 Public Charity serving the disabled. Terry has been responsible for all company operations while simultaneously overseeing the company budgets and finances. Terry brings a varied background to his leadership role, including managing many multimillion dollar donation programs and projects and overseeing and executing outreach programs for over 25,000 students and faculty. Over the last two years, he has also worked for production companies in the San Diego area on movie and television projects. Terry Loerch was working towards his PhD while working for UCSD as program director of the Amylin Pharmaceuticals outreach program when he suffered a spinal cord injury. While navigating the challenges presented to Terry Loerch after suffering the spinal cord injury, he became intimately aware of the varied and multiple challenges faced by those who live and work with a disability. While researching for help and educational programs online he was amazed of the lack of information and resources online. Terry wanted to create a platform were people could freely and openly talk about disabled related issues without trolls (mostly on facebook, twitter, etc.) making fun of the handicap issue and news articles disabled members post, a place people could come to for information or to share their experiences with others . People want a safe platform were disabled people can talk about disabled issues. These resources are paramount to meeting the needs and improving the quality of life for this important group of individuals. For example, a handicap individual often wants to know if a business is handicap friendly or not before arriving, greatly reducing stress levels and increasing the likely hood that it will be a positive experience. By serving the handicap community allows Handicap Review to acquire valuable disabled related data, statistics and demographics. This information will improve government, emergency response, pharmaceuticals and businesses. The acquired data will serve many purposes and will provide a better picture of this valuable market and its needs. The acquired data will also encourage handicap accommodation and ADA compliance. The goal of Handicap Review is to become a movement, putting all disability groups under one umbrella providing a safe online environment, support and a voice.