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At the Law Office of Kenneth P. Carp, our lawyers offer dependable, practical and cost-effective legal advice and advocacy to every client we serve. We provide the following legal services: Real Estate, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Unemployment, Traffic, and more. We represent individuals, families and small businesses in Greater St. Louis, Lincoln County, and other Missouri communities. To learn about the scope of our practice and the way we attack clients' problems, contact us in Bridgeton or Clayton, MO for a free consultation. The breadth of our practice represents a significant strength for the people we work with. Legal problems don't always respect neat legal categories. It helps to work with attorneys who know how different legal principles can affect complex problems. For example, our knowledge of bankruptcy can help clients who need assistance with mortgage foreclosure defense or debt relief options. The attorneys are well respected for how they present themselves at court and by their clients for their honesty and hard work. “A successful attorney-client relationship is built upon achievable goals and mutual expectations”, according to Kenneth Carp. The attorneys at the Law Office of Kenneth Carp don’t do everything, but what they do, is done well. Mutual respect is a key ingredient between our attorneys and our clients and we maintain that respect by having you talk to your attorney when you call and not an administrative person. You work hard for your money and we believe in fair pricing, striving for you to receive value for what you pay. Whether you hire us to represent you for a speeding ticket or a wrongful death case, we work hard for you. You work hard for your paycheck and so do we. Kenneth Carp has handled cases that have been resolved for shy of $1,000,000.00 as well as smaller cases that other attorneys would not take. We treat everyone the same. Over 25 years the Law Office of Kenneth Carp has had clients and their family members coming back or referring others to it. According to Kenneth Carp, the reason is simple “We work hard and treat our clients with respect”. It’s rewarding that so many people call and say “Ken, it’s your favorite client calling.” We respect our clients and they respect us. That’s why I coined the term “lawyers For Life”. By working hard we can achieve solid results for you. We are honest and affordable and are proud of how we develop long lasting relationships with clients. When you call us – you talk to an attorney. Please call for a free consultation and learn what separates us apart from other attorneys. Call Kenneth Carp at (636) 947-3600 or e-mail me at kennethcarp@kcarplaw.com Practice Areas: St Louis MO Chapter 7 St Louis MO Chapter 13 St Louis MO Debt Settlement St Louis MO Bankruptcy Faq St Louis MO Unemployment Guide St Louis MO Unemployment Appeals St Louis MO Claim Process St Louis MO Unemployment Hearings St Louis MO Unemployment Process St Louis MO Unemployment Terminology St Louis MO Contested Wills St Louis MO Estate Planning St Louis MO Probate Attorneys St Louis MO Transactions and Contracts St Louis MO Collections St Louis MO Buy Sell Agreements St Louis MO Stop Garnishment St Louis MO Student Loans St Louis MO Credit Card Debt St Louis MO Credit Scores St Louis MO Debt Judgement St Louis MO Reverse Mortgage St Louis MO Wage Garnishmen St Louis MO Short Sale Foreclosure St Louis MO Foreclosure And Debt Relief St Louis MO Child Custody St Louis MO Child Support St Louis MO Divorce St Louis MO Guardianship St Louis MO Protective Orders St Louis MO Visitation Rights St Louis MO Maintenance St Louis MO Property Division St Louis MO Pre Marital Agreements St Louis MO Workers Compensation and injury Attorney St Louis MO Motorcycle Accidents St Louis MO Vehicle Defects St Louis MO Motor Vehicle Accident St Louis MO Brain Injuries St Louis MO Spinal Cord Injuries St Louis MO Burn Injury St Louis MO Spinal Cord Injuries St Louis MO Burn Injury St Louis MO Spinal Cord Injuries St Louis MO Burn Injury St Louis MO Broken Bones St Louis MO Dog Bites St Louis MO Loss Of Eyesight St Louis MO Loss Of Hearing St Louis MO Amputation St Louis MO Injured Child St Louis MO Day Care Injury St Louis MO Swimming Pools St Louis MO Serious Injury St Louis MO Wrongful Death St Louis MO Trip and Fall St Louis MO Slip and Fall St Louis MO Retail Store Injury St Louis MO Restaurant Injury St Louis MO Premises Liability St Louis MO Medical Malpractice St Louis MO Hospital Negligence St Louis MO Nursing Home St Louis MO Military St Louis MO Correction Of Military Records St Louis MO Military Discharge Upgrade St Louis MO Military Divorce St Louis MO Veteran Issues St Louis MO Dwi Defense St Louis MO Dui Defense St Louis MO Cdl Citations St Louis MO Ignition Interlock Devices St Louis MO Drug Charges Traffic Stops St Louis MO Driving While Suspended or Revoked St Louis MO Speeding Tickets St Louis MO Foreclosure Defense St Louis MO Short Sale St Louis MO St Louis Real Estate Attorney St Louis MO St Louis Mortgage Violations Contact: The Law Offices of Kenneth P. 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