Thomas Pryor


Founder of Lawsuit Legal, an exclusive attorney network, and digital marketing agency for select attorneys.


About Thomas Pryor

Thom Pryor geeks out. His life's work has been challenging the conventional wisdom of 'empty suit' digital marketing strategists. With perspectives on digital marketing that often contradict conventions, Thom has earned a reputation for irreverence, straight talk, and delivering results where others are left empty handed. Best known as the founder of Lawsuit Legal, an exclusive attorney network, and digital marketing agency for select attorneys. As a proven legal marketing expert, Thom helps their attorney clients "unstuck" their online lead generation and scale their practice. His principles cut through the tech hype to ruthlessly focus on law firm revenue growth and market domination. Since it's founding he created the Power Lawyers industry award for legal professionals, founded the Power Lawyers Legal Group, developed a custom lead management system for law firms, among other inventions for legal professionals, and is responsible for numerous mass tort and case guides recognized among the top one percent by Google. A mysterious, life long dweller in the dark corners of the web. Part idiot savant, mad-man, ad-man, (who feels strangled wearing a tie) his relationships share one common experience: his ability to generate high-performance results - a ruthless obsession for delivering breakthroughs. He is recognized as a unique authority in the field. Thom grew up in, California, worked in Hollywood for stint among other early jobs, and attended University, before relocating to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In his 20's with little more than a fire in his belly, and outsized confidence - he failed miserably and lost everything. Hard lessons learned. Initial efforts to rebuild led to successes in lead generation, and the developing of his unique perspectives on online marketing later sought after by large brands like the MGM grand, a top national insurer, international diamond company, among others. He later went on to work with a friend, recognized Super Lawyer and national top trial attorney and helped grow his practice to national recognition. In addition to his recognition and professional achievements in the legal industry, he serves on the board of a medical product company, has developed a series of popular children's stories, and has proudly sponsored a number of charities - great programs which help disabled veterans who race cars, sufferers of catastrophic injuries, wildlife foundations, and women's issues among others. Thom lives in Florida with his wife, who together are expecting their first child in 2018. His family includes established South Florida business owners and restaurateurs. While prefering to live 'off-the-grid', he and his family may be found reading psychology books, boating in the beautiful Florida keys, or travelling to experience the various sights and experiences this great nation offers first hand.