About Toni Mascaró

Toni Mascaró is a pioneer in the world of the Internet since 1992 and an expert on information technologies applied to marketing and communication. He has over 20 years of consulting experience, creativity and development of Internet projects for recognized organizations, governments and startups. It also has consolidated experience in different areas of Internet like consultancy, ecommerce, marketing online, corporate projects, intranets, social networks, e-learning, CRM, analytics, virtual reality, interactive video, internet of things and Smartcities among others. Founder and director of eMascaró leader in the Internet industry with over 12 years experience creating and developing Internet projects recognized with international awards. Develop and participate in different projects and startups whose main axis innovation applied to social transformation. Passionate about innovation Internet and share their experiences and visions in different universities, events, conferences, initiatives and articles. In his passion for entrepreneurship and Barcelona, Toni founded the movement BLE (Barcelona Loves Entrepreneur) and part of the other initiatives such as Barcelona Global and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) EO (Entrepreneur Organization) and Internet Society. Artist, creator and tireless researcher also express their ideas through their personal projects through photography and Technology.