Victor Perez-Castejon Martinez



After the university years, I had the opportunity to go to Italy in the year 2000 thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci European grant. I worked for 5 months in Centrale Ortofrutticola de Cesena. One of the main objectives of my job was the communication with farmers. We studied the effects in the arthropods for each circumstance and the regulation of their population related with the kind of treatment (chemical or not). I explained them the realistic and rational use of several chemical products to respect and keep the environment. In 2001 I worked in Dublin at IBM factory in a multicultural work environment. In 2003 I started to work in TDC, an association of food companies. The main tasks of this job were: the quality assessment, get information to associates, prepare and manage work technical meetings between the quality leaders. I made technical dossiers about preservatives used in Spanish sweets, making analysis in laboratory for demonstrating our thesis and comparing and validating the results with our hypothesis. After I sent the reports to the administration for trying to change the maximum quantities allowed. I called the companies technical staff to specific meetings for regulating the legislation for the future changes in the sector. Thanks to my bachelor in biology I am used to managing accurate language and scientific methods in meetings. I have capacity to communicate with people using appropriate terminology.

Now I am founder and manager of MEAL FACTS, a website that offers the opportunity to help small and medium food producers and restaurants to get the European labels type I and type II as well as nutrition facts of the U.S. FDA.



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