About Wave

Wave is the easiest way to locate your friends and family ;) How many times each day you need to know where someone exactly is? A father and his daughter who is going out at night, a business meeting, a date with your partner, a concert with your friends, a bike ride, a ski trip... People need to be able to find each other in an effective and efficient way. We are still making calls or texting to locate each other. And if we are moving it makes everything even more difficult. Wave helps you find the people you want to find in a live and private map. **************** So how does Wave works exactly? 1. Open a wave with someone Pick a wave contact and request to see each other's position for as long as you wish. 2. Once your contact accepts your request, you will see each other on a live and private map. Wave shows your friend’s location LIVE. In a dynamic map, your pin moves accordingly to your real life movements. 3 You can also set a Meeting Point, leave a message on a board or even create Group Waves with up to 10 people. **************** +Wave is PRIVATE. Privacy is our distinctive main feature. You don’t want to be found by everyone, just by the ones you choose. You will only be able to see your contact's location once he accepts your request. Furthermore, every single push notification and movement data is encripted and not saved on our servers. +Wave is BI-DIRECTIONAL. If somebody can see your location, you can see his or hers. Fair and simple. +TEMPORARY SHARING. Once the Wave expires you won’t be able to see each others position any more until you both re-activate that Wave. +LIVE + REAL TIME. It’s amazing how you can see your contacts icons moving in real-time! Just leave your Wave active and check it every time you need to know your contact’s position. +GREAT DESIGN and UX/UI. In Wave we like to be exquisite about design, UX/UI and usability. You'll thank it! +SIMPLE SETUP You will just need your phone number. No emails or social media. Quick, easy and untransferable! +AUTOMATIC CONTACTS Wave directly imports all of your contacts from your address book, automatically adding to “Favorites” those who also have Wave installed. +NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES! Just get a 3G or wifi connection, that’s all. We give you the service totally for free. **************** CHOOSE THE WAY YOU WAVE! Wave can be used to locate your friends, your partner, your kids, when you travel, in a business meeting, practicing outdoor sports, in concerts and music festivals... There’s an infinite number of possibilities. Choose the way you wave. Wave has the mission to join people. We can almost do anything with our phone... talk, chat, surf the web, play... but we still can't locate each other. Wave is here to revolutionize the way we find people and become a "must" in every smartphone. Every open Wave is bringing people together in real life. And joining people always means the beginning of something new. Start Waving!! waveapplication.com/download +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SPECS: - Wave requires a 3G or wifi connection in order to operate and achieve best results. - Wave is a phone app, not compatible in ipod or ipad. - Wave requires the use of GPS. Battery life will therefore depend on this use. - Wave is available for iOS5 or superior. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wave has appeared in more than 100 specialized media and has been selected for some of the most important technology and creativity summits in the world. Wave was selected as an official Alpha Startup in Dublin's Web Summit and the 4YFN Congress