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Setting Up a Coffee Date When several emails have been exchanged, it's time to meet face-to-face. A coffee date, or a one-hour initial meeting, is the best option. Coffee dates are low-key and make it easy to decide if a second date would be a good idea. Before entering the date, both parties agree to meet just for an hour. At the end of the hour, they each leave separately and go home to reflect back on the date. If the person feels positively about the date, he or she can schedule a real date, or even another coffee date. If the person didn't like his date, he can email telling her he's happy they met but he feels they are not compatible. This is a kind, safe, and low-pressure way to meet someone new. If need be, let the other person down easy. This system of emailing several people and then meeting someone for coffee should continue until the person finds one individual he or she would like to get serious about. After that, the dater can inform anyone else he is corresponding with that he has met someone special he wishes to get to know better.