Evo 3 Workspace


About Evo 3 Workspace

Evo 3 Workspace is the premier coworking space in Summit County, Colorado. We are a community of people who could work from anywhere but choose to work together, more productively, sharing resources. We are more than just a reason to leave the home offices and coffee shops behind. What makes more sense for creative thinkers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers is this: innovation and growth are more likely to come from collaboration and the free flow and sharing of ideas, not from lone efforts. Evo 3 provides the framework necessary – from space to services to programming – for diverse individuals to collectively build a stronger more resilient community. Our strategic partnerships and mentors allow us to function as a “business concierge” to our members.

Data Evo 3 Workspace

Created United States, February/2014
Status Startup