It is a company which offer services about energy efficiency and advertisement.



Nowadays, the electricity price in Spain has steady growth of 17.7% in the period 2014-2015. This makes the society to become more conscious about the benefits of energy savings. In the case of the retail trade more and more enterprises adopt the LED technology as a solution to decrease their electricity consumption. In our market study, 70% of the asked SMEs expressed the need of available solutions for energy savings as 20% of the stores with LED start to loss customers. In additions, the asked shops confirmed the need of new marketing strategies that can bring additional customer flows. 
GREEN ADVERTISEMENT addresses this problem through two business lines. On one side it is a consultancy about energy efficiency and on the other hand it is an advertisement agency. It is oriented to the retail trade sector: small stores up to 250 m2. The relation with the customers is through GREEN STORE CLUB- the club of the sustainable stores, where the customer disposes with all the information about the last in technology and funding about energy efficiency in one place. The customer can purchase services from a wide portfolio or a package about energy savings and advertisement with a monthly subscription plan. The key advantages of GREEN STORE CLUB for the customer are a time and cost savings of 80%, highly personalized treatment and high excellence.
Organization founded in Spain. Since May/2015. SEED phase.


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