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IntelliPro is an offshore software outsourcing company that provides IT solutions and services to the clients all around the world. The main focus of our company is quality work and its timely delivery. Furthermore, we focus on secure, flexible and reliable business systems. Thus, superior quality, reliability and low cost services helps us in providing customer with a valued solution and satisfaction. IntelliPro is an ideal platform for fresh and experienced employees, small or big business clients and reliable business partners. Employees have the ability to show their skills and get reward for their work, clients can contact IntelliPro for quality and on time work where as partners can take benefit of a professional business partner. We believe in attaining the goal of business success by fair means and value all the people who are part of our success. Diversity of location of human resource, experience of employees in designing right solution for client, experience and expertise in broad range of IT fields, ability to handle unique business problems are some of the salient features that make IntelliPro stand at a distinguishable position among its competitors. Customer satisfaction: One of the basic aims of IntelliPro is customer satisfaction. We believe in providing low cost IT solutions with no compromise on quality. Our consistent services with superior quality are increasing our pool of satisfied customers day by day. We know that one satisfied client will bring us many potential clients. Quality service: We promise to provide our customers with quality work. We believe in quality not in quantity therefore our team works in collaboration with customers throughout the project cycle. They thoroughly analyze and understand the requirement of new or updated business system and then come up with a world class solution. We believe that quality work will increase trust of client on us and will be a source of improved profile both by increase in experience and a good word of mouth. Long term partnerships: The world of information technology is known for its dynamic nature. Customers continuously need to update their business systems. Hiring a new partner every time for business will be a threat to quality and also will be very much expensive for customers. Here, IntelliPro provides a reliable long term relationship to its customers for continuous periodic improvement. Success in completion of large projects: In any service industry humans are of vital importance. IntelliPro highly values its people i.e. customers, employees, suppliers for their quality work. This combination of quality work with competent human resource is a key to success in completion of large projects. IntelliPro has a strong profile of successfully delivering many projects. We have provided our customers with more than 40 projects related to diverse areas like MVC Development, ASP.NET Web Application Development, Business Management Systems, Embedded Systems, Game Development, iPhone Application Development, J2EE Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Security Systems, Website Development, Website Designing, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation etc.

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