Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment.


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Kaiburr DevOps as a Service Kaiburr is a technology organization focused on providing state of the art products that enable deployment orchestration, cloud migration and adoption with diligent focus on security and compliance. Kaiburr can be used through the life cycle of building software products either on premise or on the cloud. Product teams achieve 25% of more acceleration with their product development using Kaiburr Some of the key challenges with successful microservices implementations are monitoring, devops culture, fault-tolerance, integration testing, cyclic dependencies. Being prepared to handle these challenges effectively goes a long way in expediting and delivery high quality business applications. Kaiburr DevOps as a Service 1 Broadway , Cambridge , MA 02142 , USA 9027492701 https://www.kaiburr.com/

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