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Kdan Mobile Software strives to create a ubiquitous operating environment that enables users to utilize a variety of services to save time.

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The inclination of the world to use mobile phones has demanded us to form a company where we can present our innovation and make people do creative with their lives. Days are gone when you had to search a cyber café and find a desktop to share or send files. Our team at Kdan Mobile makes each product a perfect app for people to innovate and enhance their creativity by sticking glued to their mobile phones. Our success rate and the growing figures literally have impressed the users which have eventually attracted a lot of users from the new crowd. Involving in a number of tools, we have created miracles in blending technology with creativity. Breaking the thin line that is drawn from years together for the desktop applications to be controlled and accessed with similar effectiveness through mobiles, Kdan Mobile has achieved tremendous success. Animation Cloud Desk, NoteLedge, Animation Desk, Pocket Scanner, PDF Markup, PDF Connoisseur and PDF Reader are some of the best applications that we have offered to the crowds who are inclined towards technology and originality.

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Created Taiwan · United States, March/2009

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