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NDOT Technologies is an Indian based IT sector expertise in enterprise web and mobile application development services

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NDOT Technologies is the leading mobile app development company established in the year of 2008, providing enterprise web and mobile applications. We have expanded our services with 1000+ happiest clients over the world with teams operating in 3+ global countries. We provide a wide range of services for all industries including enterprise, education, healthcare, retail, tours & travels, finance and banking, etc. Being an Indian based IT sector, we offer both mobile, web-based products and services all over the globe. We are specially engaged in mobile application development in various platforms like iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows, and Blackberry with field expertise in cross platform development. Our Major products are taximobility, uniecommerce, engage crm, engage chat, unieauction, etc. Our primary solutions for mobility and app-based includes CRM, ERP, POS, Project management and collaboration, Employee performance management, Loyalty Programs, Channel management, Patient appointment scheduling, State data centre, Crime information management, e-learning solutions, etc.

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Created United States, April/2008

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