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Team of scientists and engineers with more than 15 years of experience developing the most advanced machine learning technology.

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We are a team of scientists and engineers with more than 15 years of experience developing the most advanced artificial intelligence technology and carrying out projects with large corporations. Our team used all that experience and developed the machine learning platform Neural Designer. Neural Designer is a machine learning platform with better usability and higher performance. It will allow you to build artificial intelligence models to help you discover relationships, recognize patterns and make predictions in just a few clicks. Machine Learning can be applied to different industries. Some typical solutions are: - In engineering: performance optimization, quality improvement and fault detection. - In banking and insurance: churn prevention, customer targeting and risk assessment. - In healthcare: medical diagnosis and prognosis, activity recognition, microarray analysis and drug design. Neural Designer´s strength consists in giving you the ability to make complex operations and build predictive models in an intuitive way thanks to its graphical user interface. You can run any task and instantly see the results in tables, charts or graphs. That is why Neural Designer can be used both by experts that are looking for a high-performance platform that facilitates their job or by a newcomer to data analysis and prediction. Among its uses, you can find algorithms for data statistics and preparation, different training strategies, testing and deployment of the model or exporting your results into other tools like R or Python. Each algorithm uses the latest technology and is optimized with CPU parallelization and GPU acceleration to achieve the best performance and give you the results in seconds. Also, Neural Designer is compatible with the most common data files and data bases and can operate the biggest data sets, so you can import your data and start using the machine learning platform Neural Designer to improve your productivity. These models are beneficial for any kind of business and can be used for different purposes. From optimizing the performance of a system to preventing customer churn or investigating new technologies in research centers. Try Neural Designer and benefiting from the results in no-time.

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Created Spain, February/2014

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