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One of the ways established for the purchase and sale of bitcoins are the Bitcoin ATM, which act as micro-stores buy and sell bitcoins (and other digital goods). This method is in increasing use after being shown to provide a system for acquiring and selling bitcoins without direct intervention of banks, through the use of cash. This project, according to the relationships and partnerships already established, install a network of a particular model of Bitcoin ATM, which allows us to offer a second service, the Community Point of Sell. Offer to businesses located in the immediate vicinity of Bitcoin ATM installed, the use of these devices as community point-of-sale (POS), allowing these businesses charge for their products and services with bitcoins, although these businesses receive the amount in legal tender currency (EUR in this case), not bitcoins; without installation cost for them. This idea is the result of our work for two years; it's based on the establishment of a network of devices with 2 functions: 1. Bitcoin ATM 2 ways. 2. Bitcoin POS. apart from that, allowing me the easy adaptation to other criptodivisas management. TARGET Canary Islands is the first tourist destination of German and English people, the 3rd of Russian and 6th for American people. In addition, for the third consecutive year, Canary Islands is reaching more than 14 million annually. Coincidentally, these 4 countries, as you know, are where BTC has further expansion (with apologies Netherlands). This way, US Chamber of Commerce and the EU could use the Canary Islands as a business platform for West Africa allowing us to enter those markets. TAX Canary Islands have VAT of 7% (21% far from the mainland), but we will use an accounting / bitcoin-based (non-euro) turnover, therefore the tax is 0%. Therefore, 4% Corporate Tax & 0% Withholding Tax of Annual Benefits

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