The real-time people analytics platform with actionable insights that improve employee engagement and retention.

About Peakon

Peakon is a cloud-based employee engagement platform which automatically collects, analyzes, reports on, and generates recommendations from employee feedback. Peakon automates the collection of employee feedback according to a schedule controlled by users, enabling the collection of feedback every week, fortnight, month, or quarter. The system is designed to intelligently optimize employee sampling to reduce the chances of employee fatigue from receiving surveys too frequently. Collection can also be paused during periods when all staff will be absent. Employees are automatically invited to complete surveys, and reminded before the completion deadline. A library of questions is built-in, with users able to create their own custom or open-ended questions, and allow Peakon to optimize question selection or select exactly which questions they want asked. Peakon automatically analyzes the text of each comment to categorize comments by topic, determines whether the overall sentiment on each topic was positive or negative, and highlights important topics on the real-time dashboard. Results are continuously monitored, and users are alerted to any identified trends or outliers. Recommendations are automatically generated based on areas requiring improvement, and each user receives a personalized priority list to act on for their team or department. Heatmaps give at-a-glance insight into which issues are having the greatest impact on the engagement of each teams or location, and engagement metrics can be compared internally, between teams and departments, or benchmarked externally against other companies within the same industry. Managers can also engage in two-way conversations with employees, to ask for clarification or discuss feedback, without employees having to sacrifice their anonymity.

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