Polcode provides top of the line software development services, specializing in PHP, Ruby and eCommerce projects.

About Polcode

We started back in 2006 as a small bunch of passionate developers who simply wanted to create great websites and applications. Today Polcode boasts over 120 employees, and that’s only going to grow. Our experience is a result of over 1,200 successfully completed projects, ranging from minor redesigns to complex applications. Over time, we turned into a go-to place for everyone who needs PHP, Ruby and eCommerce expertise. It includes deep knowledge of the Magento platform, ensured by the presence of nine certified Magento developers. To make sure that our clients get the most out of it, we’re constantly improving our software development process and customer service. Polcode was founded by developers. And they are still in the gist of it all. We commit ourselves to improving their experience and growth opportunities every day, providing flexible working hours, English courses, entry tickets to top IT conferences, books and so much more. In need of software development services? Looking for challenging projects in PHP and Ruby? Visit our website and contact us today.

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