SAGENCY is an online marketing agency and living prove for successful modern marketing approaches



SAGENCY's service portfolio includes but is not limited to Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales Consulting, Business Development and professional Video Games (mainly Playstation). 

We are serving a range of amazing clients in the New York area and are expanding supporting our client's efforts to expand their activities across the Atlantic by offering deep European market insights. With our subsidiary in Berlin, Germany, we keep a constant information flow and knowledge exchange to ensure having the best practices from both worlds at hand all the time. 

In the video game market, we recently completed our first large marketing project by bringing our partner PETA to Playstation. On September 15th, "Kitten Squad" launched as the first ever Playstation game for the animal rights organization that already has exceeded all success expectations. 

We are eager to find new opportunities for game collaborations and offer a brand new target audience to more corporate clients.
Organization founded in United States. Since June/2014. 3 employees. STARTUP phase.


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