About Travis

Event organizers want to offer travel services for their attendees to increase the value of the event, but face multiple challenges while doing so: 1. They have not enough software know-how to build a user-friendly travel platform 2. It`s not part of their core activity of organizing the event and selling tickets 3. The development is too expensive, costs time and there is no financial return Event attendees use Travis because it has the Uber-Approach: Better prices & better usability 1. Access to special travel deals that are only available for the attendees of the specific event and that save up to 30% 2. Personalized recommendations: Travis shows recommended hotels and flights for the event that are selected by the organizer or by the Travis algorithm. 3. One-Stop-Shop: Flights & Hotels can be booked within three clicks directly into the website of the organizer. Travis makes it possible for organizer to integrate travel services for free directly into their website within minutes: 1. The solution contains more than 600.000 hotels & 1.000 airlines worldwide 2. No software know-how is required because Travis is a simple Plug & Play Solution. 3. With every booking an attendee makes we pay the organizer a commission. 4. The entire booking tool is white labelled and individually customized to fit the brand identity of the event website