UMI offers a Market Test tool that makes it possible to quickly assess the market potential of a B2B innovation.

About UMI

UMI's automated online SaaS platform gives innovative companies (in a short time-frame and for a limited cost) a clear vision of the business potential for their innovation, by collecting dozens of feedbacks from professionals on a global or local scale, whatever its nature (product, technology, etc.) or its maturity. UMI developed algorithms, (search engine, data collection, data aggregation, data analysis and indexation) to engage targeted B2B professionals on specific markets. The UMI Market Test tool can be used in order to : - Detecting needs or trends - Validating the market needs - Sourcing innovative solutions - Validating the interest of a solution - Discovering new applications - Targeting the most receptive market - Optimizing a value proposition - Finding partners - Prioritizing an innovation portfolio

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Created France, February/2013
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