Webestimate is the first estimation platform for web projects, matching project-holders with IT agencies.

About Webestimate

Webestimate is an online platform where clients who need web and mobile development projects can get an automated cost-and-time quote for their project and, if they accept it, are matched with contractors that can offer the service within that budget and time frame. Through Webestimate we help both clients and contractors. For clients we create a space where they receive quality web and mobile development services at affordable prices. For contractors we offer access to serious projects while eliminating the dreaded 30% of overall project cost, dedicated to business development and planning, activities that ultimately result in 0 revenues. They can access a wide pool of projects and get reimbursement security in case they don't close a deal or the project cancels. Backed by an innovative algorithm, Webestimate’s data driven estimator is a lot more advanced (usability, features, speed and accuracy) than any other tool in the market. The algorithms taps into a time-logs of a team of 50 developers from our digital agency partner http://wiredelta.com/ Wiredelta developers have been using a custom-made time-tracking tool to log the time spent on each feature​ of every project for the past 3 years. It is clear and simple to use, attractive and modern, with a great user experience, giving clients better control over their product through a big range of features to choose from (both web and mobile applications, various website types: e-commerce, promotional, custom etc.). Check Webestimate in 1 minute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2DJvRYsqX8

Data Webestimate

Created Colombia, January/2016
Status Startup