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Respuesta rápida a retos empresariales con soluciones innovadoras de scaleups seleccionadas.

About Fundación Empresa y Sociedad

Fundación Empresa y Sociedad offers external vision and entrepreneurial solutions for business priorities. Our aim is to generate a double effect: - Help to accelerate customers for B2B entrepreneurs. - Provide an innovative way for companies to address their key priorities: B2B entrepreneur solutions. 370 B2B entrepreneurs, more than 550 business executives and 125 accelerators / programs / investors participated in our activities in 2016. We run COMPRENDEDOR EVENTS, where B2B Start-Ups present products to open business audiences and build network with potential clients (open,thematic, incompany...) or through incompany presentations and workshops for companies, selecting taylor-made B2B start-ups . We lead the COMPRENDEDOR AWARD, with the aim to promote that B2B entrepreneurs can incorporate more easily as innovative suppliers of businesses. Categories: - B2B Start-Up with products for Marketing abd Business Development - B2B Start-Up with products for Human Capital - B2B Start-Up with products for Technology - B2B Start-Up with products for Operations and Posesses

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Created Spain, June/1995

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