Large Format 3D Printer Subscription for Businnes.

About 3Dealo

3Dealo is transforming the way business interacts with 3D printing. Revitalizing the established subscription model, we deliver full solutions in a market full of problems regarding the implementation of digital fabrication into companies. We realized that the market either has expensive industrial grade machines for huge companies or desktop small toys for the consumer. There was no middle ground, so we decided to fill that gap. We developed a sturdy and flexible machine for the small to mid-size business. Flexible how? It's NOT just a 3D printer! It has laser engraving/cutting capabilities, a milling head and can extrude paste material such as food and ceramics! Through the subscription business model, the customer will have access to dedicated 3D printers and peripheral hardware, support, consumables and training at an affordable cost. Other revenue streams are extra consumables and support, 3D printing workshops, spare parts and retail store.

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Created Spain, July/2015
Status Startup

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