Payment industry and PCI expertise at your fingertips



Turn any member of your organisation into a payments industry expert and decrease your costs while improving your customer service.

At 50wise we are using the 'next generation' cognitive technology of IBM Watson to dramatically ease the complexity of the payment industry.

We have created a service that delivers answers to any question that a bank, financial institution or processor may want to ask about the rules and regulations surrounding the acceptance and processing of non-cash payments.

We have taught the Watson service how to understand the language of the payments industry and it has ingested the many thousand of pages of relevant rules and regulations, including those issued by card schemes and industry regulators such as PCI SSC.

The result is an unrivalled base of knowledge that you can access simply through asking questions in natural English language sentences. Watson returns a set of suggested answers with a level of certainty measure and the source(s) of the answer so that you can investigate further should you wish to.

Turn any member of your organisation into a payments industry expert - give them access to the 50wise IBM Watson service.



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