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We push the flat rental to the next level by solving real problems. Current big players in the marker helps you in the very early stages of renting or searching for a flat (and they don't even do that very well...), but after that, you're left alone. If you're a flat owner and wants to put the flat to rent, you'll have to waste a lot of time or pay huge prices to a real state agency. But they'll not help you after that if your tenant stop paying or he breaks something. If you're a flat tenant, you'll have to pay for a bank guarantee or an additional month of real state agency. You'll have to argue with the flat owner over broken stuff. Maybe he's not returning the guarantee because apparently you broke something and legislation is just a huge mess... So we're helping both: We will provide the flat owners with the best candidates to rent its flat, starting with the ones with best guarantees. We will help them with the contracts and give them all the services needed to paint and reform the flat. We will provide the tenants with best guarantees with lower prices, better flat owners, legal advice, conflict resolution, moving service and more. We will give both the possibility of rank each other when then contract ends, so they will make whatever is needed to make a better long term relationship.

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Created Spain, February/2015
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