Emergency Haemostat for Trauma care


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Advamedica Inc is an early stage medtech company focused on Biomaterial based medical products. Through its 100% subsidiary Axio Biosolutions, India, we have the distinction to be the first company in India to design, develop and commercialize an Emergency Haemostat for Trauma care. Controlling life threatening bleeding continues to be the major cause of death from traumatic injuries. Axiostat is its flagship product developed to reduce the mortality due to traumatic bleeding. Axiostat is India’s first trauma hemostat and it is developed to reduce the mortality due to bleeding from trauma injuries in developing markets. Axiostat utilizes a unique patent pending technology of using biomaterials. This patented, clinically validated, CE approved product has been saving lives of accident victims and india paramilitary forces since last 2 years. Axiostat was recently featured as one of the 10 Medical Marvels poised to Save Life by Indiatoday magazine.

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Created India, August/2015

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