AgriLedger streamlines co-operative operations by putting a simple Distributed Cryptoledger Mobile App into the hand of every small farmer.

About Agriledger

AgriLedger is a philanthropy initiative applying distributed Cryptoledger and mobile apps to create a circle of trust for small farmer co-operatives. The UN reports that up to 50% of crop value vanishes between harvest and the point of sale. Small cooperatives are currently by far the best way to improve efficiency in developing countries and help farmers retain a bigger share of their crop value. There are literally 1000's of charities and organization focused on building co-ops. Yet, most co-ops rely on paper-based records, verbal promises, and complicated agreements; this frequently causes critical problems due to lack of transparency, restricted access to price data, lying, graft, and corruption. AgriLedger is a Mobile App that records and transacts incorruptible truth on blockchain, and framework of integrated services for delivering an even playing field for farmers and co-ops. Agriledger encompasses, Identity management, Secure payment and settlement, Real-time market prices.

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