Allegro is an online auction website based in Poznań.


About Allegro

Allegro Group – the e-commerce leader in Central and Eastern Europe, a group of companies managing 75 sites in over 20 countries. In Poland, the Group comprises, in addition to Allegro.pl (transaction platform), also such sites as: Ceneo.pl (price comparison site), Tablica.pl (local classified ads site), otoMoto.pl, otoDom.pl, mojeauto.pl, otoWakacje.pl, Markafoni.pl, Citeam.pl, CoKupic.pl and iStore.pl (vertical industry portals) as well as PayU and Bankier.pl (financial portals). All of the company services and sites aim at supporting e-commerce at every stage – from choosing an item, comparing its prices and buying it, to making a secure e-payment.

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