Behavioral Customer Data Platform to deliver Customer Mindset Insights & Digital Empathy rules.

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Update 8 de enero de 2019. Campaña de equity crowfunding en Seedrs.com, ticket mínimo 16€ Enlace con la información de la ronda: https://www.seedrs.com/anbotux?utm_campaign=anbotux&utm_source=cpg _______ The Big Data of customer care usage is not only the bot back-end sensitive information. Anbotux collects chatbot and other customer cae channels access and combines with other customer and general data applying statistics & machine learning to improve the Chatbot user experience and provides a framework get insights about the when, how and why your customers need to contact with you, EMAPTHY. Also the pre-existing customer care channels could be improved. You will know better your customers and you will be able to deliver a better personalized interaction for them, win-win. Anbotux is a Customer Intelligence & Analytics platform to take the most of chatbots and other customer care channels to help to understand the customer behaviour and motivations and reuse those info to help to personalize the conversational interaction. Anbotux targets very intensive in customer care verticals as: -Banks -Insurance -Telcos -Tourism -Airlines -eCommerce -Utilities The solution is offered on-premise (launched May'18) and there is a private beta-SaaS launched in May'18 initially used as sandbox for potential partners and prospects customers which desire to hands-on get familiar with the solution. The integration with data sources (customer care channels, customer info, external contexts) is using APIs, no pain and the platform not overlaps the roles of other actors of the ecosystems as chatbot platforms or IVR vendors, Anbotux complements and adds value to previous or parallel tech investments, do not replace.

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