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Anow helps real estate appraisers by simplifying the way they manage their business and offers business insights that were previously very hard to track. Our web-based application streamlines the every day processes from order tracking, assigning jobs to employees, internal collaboration, scheduling, a CRM, and business insight reports. Fee competition, increased pressure on turn around times, or scaling a growing business have crippled other appraisal firms. The solution is Anow – an appraisal firm management solution designed to help appraisers streamline their business from the cloud. With Anow’s powerful dashboard, workflow and reporting, appraisal businesses can save time, assign appraisals more easily, give better service to their clients, and enhance performance – from the office, or from any mobile device. Business owners, appraisers, and administrative staff are saving multiple days each month by using Anow's tools. Appraising is a service industry, so the more time we save them is more time for appraisers to make more money.

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Created Canada, March/2013
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