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Aquor Water Systems was created with a vision to re-invent the way people access their water. Our most precious resource, fresh water, is be


ABOUT Aquor Water Systems

Aquor Water Systems manufactures revolutionary outdoor faucets and water connectors for residential, commercial, and marine applications. An elegant solution to a universal frustration, the patented Aquor Quick Connect system eliminates the hassles and shortcomings of standard faucets. Forget screwing on garden hoses by hand -- Aquor outlets allow you to connect hoses in less than a second with a gentle twist, even under full water pressure. When finished, simply disconnect the hose and water automatically stops. Tired of your outdoor faucet leaking? Aquor outlets will never drip, leak, or spray, and are perfect for those in dry climates where every drop counts. We believe in convenience that lasts: creating high-quality, durable products that are designed to endure decades of use.

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Fundación United States, August/2014
Trabajadores 4
Estado Growth
Total inversión 1.520.000€
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  • Early/Startup

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