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We are committed to finding the newest and most advanced treatments available that will provide the greatest relief for our patients.


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Trained at the No. 1 Respiratory Hospital in the world, National Jewish Health, Dr. Neal Jain and Dr. Jennifer Hill are the best allergists in Arizona. Certified specialists by the board in Allergy and Immunology. Both Dr. Jain and Dr. Hill are residents of Arcadia and Arizona natives who want to share their experiences with their neighbors. We offer a patient-centered approach to allergy experts in Phoenix, Arizona. We use the latest technology and evidence-based practice in our patient treatment. Dr. Jain and Dr. Hill are nationally recognized experts who currently continue to actively participate in research and rely on the use of the latest scientific evidence and technology to guide their treatment decisions to provide you and your family with the best possible attention. The services we offer at Arcadia Allergy & Asthma are: Skin tests for allergies Vaccines for allergies / immunotherapy Pulmonary function tests Food and drug challenges Oral immunotherapy Contact dermatitis tests (patch) Skin biopsy Treatment with biological. Immune tests and treatment We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and long-term benefits of drugs that have already been approved by the FDA, as well as seeking additional uses for drugs that are already on the market. In addition to this, our certified physicians have extensive knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of eczema with high success rates in achieving the goal. The Eczema Center at Arcadia Allergy and Asthma is the first comprehensive eczema treatment center in Arizona. We are committed to finding the newest and most advanced treatments available that will provide the greatest relief to each and every one of our patients. Check with our doctors and we can find a flexible and comprehensive treatment plan to help you with your respiratory, immune, skin or gastrointestinal conditions! When you start having problems with your allergies and asthma, a solution is just around the corner with our friendly and capable doctors. Contact us today for more information. Arcadia Allergy & Asthma 4840 E Indian School Rd #101 Phoenix, AZ 85018 Phone: (480) 526-7788 Email: officemanager@santanallergy.com Website: https://arcadiaallergy.com/

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