In Arexla we have developed a new and revolutionary concept of planner and showroom for furniture and interior designs commercialization




The on-site Arexla augmented reality planner is a system that allows to create and visualize virtual furniture designs in an interactive and realistic way over any real environment.
The system uses special goggles that allow to see a furniture interior design in front of the user and at real scale over any environment. And the advantage is that these designs can be modified on the spot. Any furniture piece can be added, moved, have its finishes changed or any predesign can be seen.
The use of this system offers two different ways to work, each of them tailored to the different needs of furniture manufacturers or interior designers. On one side, the planner can be installed in a fixed place, creating a virtual showroom in a shop, exposition, fair or event, allowing the client to visualize out of stock furniture or to design its own spaces to make its buy clearer. On the other side, it can be used directly in the destination commerce, house, office or any other environment of an interior design project. The client can be shown the projects in a realistic way or pieces and finishes can be chosen with him.
Organization founded in Spain. Since January/2015. SEED phase.



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