Travelling, trackable wristbands, inspiring acts of kindness as they're passed from person to person around the world...




The Band4Hope Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that empowers people to spread hope through trackable wristbands passed on to raise money for charity and inspire acts of kindness.

Band4Hopes are ethically handcrafted copper and zinc wrist bands from Africa. Each one is engraved with a unique ID which enables them to be passed from person to person and tracked online, encouraging people to carry out acts of kindness [Actions4Hope] and raising donations for charity for years to come.

The concept is fun, interactive and simple. Purchase a beautiful Band4Hope band online, enjoy wearing it and feel empowered to make a difference, then pass it on, allowing the chain of hope to continue. You can then login and see who’s been wearing your Band4Hope, where it’s been on a map, the distance travelled and how much money it's raised.

A charity band that keeps on giving and gets better with age! Get yours >
Organization founded in Australia · United Kingdom. Since April/2012. GROWTH phase.


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