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Daytime Space on-demand For People on-the-go. Beewake makes space that is vacant during the day available on-demand to people who need it. It’s Time and Space your way - like magically opening a door in a wall where before there was none. The Opportunity Every day, important volumes of square feet go unused in hotels and office buildings. In the hotel industry alone, the US 2015 forecasted occupancy rate of 64.2% means that 35.8% of inventory remains empty and unsold during the day. It’s also important to notice the trends in self-employment (more than 50M freelancers in the US) drives a need for ad-hoc workspace;the rise in single-day travel (more than 8.1M one day trips per year in the USA). The business opportunity of matching these emerging demands with an existing but unexploited supply of services is clear. Beewake’s mission is to make space that is vacant during the day available to people who need it.

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