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BitBrain collects, processes and organizes bio-neuro raw data and human emotional and cognitive information for new products and services.

About BitBrain Technologies

BitBrain has developed a bio-neurotechnological platform to collect conscious and non-conscious human emotional and cognitive data from a wide range of bio/neuro-sensors. Under this platform, BitBrain has developed three lines of business: 1. usenns brand: neurotechnology (integrated labs) for neuromarketing. With usenns technology you are able to monitor wirelessly human bio-neurophisiological activity (such as brain processes or heart rate variability), and convert these measurements into cognitive and emotional indicators (e.g. quantify the emotional impact of a TV commercial orthe emotional engagement in a store). The neurotechnology is based on scientifically grounded advance in dry-EEG sensors, Big data, neuro-biometrics and behavioral economics. 2. Elevvo brand: neurotechnology for cognitive and emotional enhancement. With Elevvo technology you are able to monitor and stimulate brain and body activity, in such a way that it produces body measurable changes which lead to a positive improvement in cognitive (e.g. working memory or attention) and emotional (e.g. stress levels) capabilities. The neurotechnology is patented and based on scientifically grounded and peer-reviewed findings in neuroscience. 3. BitBrain is building cutting-edge wearables and bio-neurotechnologies as turn-key solutions based on its bio-neurotechnological platform. Existing projects span several fields, such as wellness, videogame and automotive industries, among others. The added value of the solutions is the fact that there is a high scientific and development challenge mostly in the data collection and processing. BitBrain collects, digitizes, processes and organizes all the bio-neuro raw data and both conscious and non-conscious human emotional and cognitive information in a wide range of contexts. Its mission is to transform the human body and the cloud into a digital platform,source of emotional and cognitive information upon and around which goods and services can be designed, produced, bought and sold.

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