Bivay Communication


New generation walkie talkie. Look at your wrist, is the beginning of a new era.

About Bivay Communication

Bivay transforms usual walkie talkie into bracelets with added values that no company all over the world can offer nowadays. Bivay One, the first product that Bivay brand launches, has technologies such as bluetooth for connecting you with a wireless earphone, GPS, fitness tracker functions, waterproof, it frees your hands for communicating with stopping making anything and has a disruptive design. Bivay has online store and commercial agents for selling its products. Bivay's customers are very different: sport referees, industry, construction, any kind of boat, engineering, restaurants, security, events, sports... Bivay works thinking of all of them, and what is more important, near them and listening to them. Commitment with customers, from the beginning until the end. Bivay is different because you will be able to create your own bracelet in our website; because it has created a new communication concept; because innovates in all its process, from the device until the management; because wants to change the world starting by Bivay One; because uses technologies that no competitor uses. Bivay is different, it will become especial.

Data Bivay Communication

Created November/2016
Status Startup