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About Blabelia

Blabelia is a collaborative educational platform to easily find language teachers anywhere in the world. The platform makes it easier for the students to find teachers based on desired criteria such as language, location, price or academic training, using the global communications possibilities offered by the Internet technologies. Blabelia presents itself as an alternative to the conventional ways of finding language teachers, adding guarantees and convenient features both for teachers and students. The main element of Blabelia is its search-engine. It provides an easy way to find teacher anywhere in the world or even in a specific city. Moreover, the search-engine includes advanced searching capabilities which make it possible to adapt the searching parameters. Each teacher has a complete information page where the students can check all his/hers relevant information such as: first language, taught language, academic qualifications and reviews from other students. Once a teacher has been chosen, the student can get in touch to request lessons or additional information in case it is needed. As long as Blabelia is a trust-based community, we encourage the communication between the teacher and the student, so they can have a direct contact before their lessons. Blabelia is open to all those teachers interested in offering their services, whether they are native-speaking persons or professional teachers . Blabelia is strongly committed with quality, so that, our team reviews and validate the authenticity all of the qualifications uploaded to the platform by the teachers. Moreover we make an ID-verification process of all of the teachers to provide confidence to our students. To register as a teacher, there’s no need to pay entrance or monthly fees, teachers only pay when they have a lesson contracted. Safe, progressive and with no hidden costs. Additionaly, Blabelia has an advanced teacher ranking algorithm to reward those teachers with more taught lessons in the platform, more qualifications and better reviews. With Blabelia, it will be possible to find teachers of the desired language, in the preferred place and for the price each student can afford. The platform has been developed using the latest Web technologies and it is possible to use it from all types of devices, PCs, tablets or smartphones. Blabelia’s team has developed the platform with dedication and paying attention to every single detail in order to assure an excellent User Experience.

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