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About Bookmark Your Life inc.

Bookmark solves a problem that has stunted people wanting to make their mark on the internet. Creating a website recently required needing a web designer or coder to build and manage that platform. Not anymore. Bookmark provides any non-technical user with the tools to easily create a fully customized, responsive website in minutes. Our focus is entrepreneurs who are do-it-yourself people that want full control. They can quickly login and make edits to their website, check event registrations, view notes, or take one of the e-Learning courses to further develop their career and business. Bookmark’s freemium model has viral triggers and is built for continual growth. Although users can use Bookmark free forever, we make money by offering a Pro subscription that unlocks a suite of premium features including connecting a domain/email, and removing Bookmark branded advertising on their website. We also sells domains and emails along with other necessary tools for its core user.

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Created Canada, April/2014
Status Startup

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