Web platform where customers can upload 2D files (pdf, ppt...) and 3D objects (stl). Then they can personalize them from the same platform.

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Design and engineering Whether you're thinking about creating the next production line of customized goods, or just an original gift for yourself or a loved one; the design goes before anything else. That is why, thanks to our software that allows us to democratize and automate the manufacture of products, agñt BoyPrint we standardize designs and additive manufacturing processes (3D). Innovation + Sustainability To change the consumption pattern. For our work team, this means the possibility to create a new and flexible tool which makes possible to connect demand, designers, local businesses and makers, giving rise to a sustainable network of co-creation and manufacturing in many cities. Being the local manufacturing of products, the biodegradable and renewable materials, and electric transportation, some of our main values.

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Created Spain, March/2016
Status Startup

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