Breeders Hemp is a company dedicated to the cultivation of hemp for pharmaceuticals and industrial use.




We would like to give you the opportunity to be a part of our hemp agricultural project.  We shall be building Spain's first hemp processing plant.  Our focus shall be on the manufacturing of plastics, paper, fuel, dietary and medical supplements, fibre, food, oil and much more. 

We are currently working with six hectares of land, with the option to expand up to four thousand hectares.  We have an experienced team of farmers and experts in the field of large scale agriculture currently maintaining our crop and have already successfully done one harvest during 2016 and have almost six and half tons of raw hemp material as a result.

We are currently seeking funding and can offer 25% of the company for 12,5m euros or 1% at 480,000€.  This money will be used to purchase invaluable equipment we now require to process the six and half tons of raw material we currently have and that we shall produce in the future.

If you would like to be a part of this  fantastic opportunity then please take the time to read the information available from our website that gives current updated news on the potential and usages of hemp in today's world markets. Plus details and references to pioneers in car manufacturing and energy that have demonstrated the extraordinary potential of the hemp  plant.

You can also try out the growth table we have created to show economic growth against the amount of hemp produced. This clearly shows our potential for explosive expansion and if you want we can show you how to use it. Once you have had a look at our website you will be more than informed to make a decision on whether or not this is an industry you would like to dabble with. If so we a want to make it happen.
Organization founded in Spain. Since December/2016. GROWTH phase.


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