Barcelona-Shanghai Women Bridge (BSWomenB) is an intercultural project that seeks to unite entrepreneurs and professionals from different...

About BSWomenB

Barcelona-Shanghai Women Bridge aims to unite professionals and entrepreneurs from different generations living in the catchment area of both cities, with the aim of build intercultural trust, promote technology transfer and sharing of knowledge and values. 巴塞罗那,上海妇女桥是一个 汇集的企业家和专业人士不同年龄,职业和文化背景的妇女团体旨在汇集在这两个城市以促进技术转让和分享知识和文化价值。 Una ciutat millor és possible i nosaltres contribuïm a millorar-la. 1. Helping individual members to make decisions based on collaboration, openness, and transparency. Intercultural trust is necessary to improve social and economic relations, to produce confidence as a good we need to involve honesty, time and human and social capital. We want to spread it with our web, blog and face meetings of individuals and associations interested on improving the quality of the intangible good that we produce. 2. Incentives to participate in our project include the possibility to interact with other people who have common goals focused on providing the inputs of honesty and time necessaries to generate an output of confidence that will result in a higher level of welfare for our levels of human capital. 3. Exchange GLOCAL Knowledge Transfer (global-local) based on the principles of interdependence and share of intellectual property, we think that sharing is to create wealth. The exchange in the case of our project focuses on the two urban areas corresponding to the cities of Shanghai and Barcelona. We know that the world is much bigger but the novelty of our project requires presence and contact, which limits the physical space of the exchange. Our market is on the different areas in which society is structured, in any place that may generate some transfer of knowledge (art, science, health, etc.). 4. Participation on the economy we see the economy as a whole and see the State as a regulator, facilitator, arbitrator and enhancer of private initiatives, given the local scope of our project we are interested on the Municipality as it is the local power version of State. 5. Sustainable Development we want to maintain a rate of activity sufficient to steadily increase our production level of intercultural confidence but without creating an oversupply that detracts quality from the good. We associate the level of comfort to the level of human capital that enables individuals to participate in our project not only for financial remuneration.

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