Bundly is a new way to share contact details, making sharing contact and payment details as easy as sending email


About Bundly

Bundly combines an easy-to-use design with a state of the art technical back-end. We have a deep understanding of our customers problems, the solution and we have defined on a clear growth plan with challenging KPI's. Our rockstar team (ex-Google, Amazon, IBM, Sage, Banco Santander) has experiences across all business and engineering disciplines covering new business development, UI/UX design, native Android and iOS development, back-end development, sales and marketing. We tested our concept with an alpha version that has been used by 100 alpha testers and have found great results. Native apps (Android and iOS) launched in January '16. We have grown to over 1,000 accounts created within the first two weeks with 13% week-over-week growth in the number of accounts created. Bundly is building a mobile platform to forever change the way people share contact and payment details. Problems: - Manually entering and updating your contacts’ information is admin heavy. - No easy ways exist to share contact or payment details with new contacts. - Contact information is spread across different services. Solution: A mobile app where users can update their own information directly in their contacts’ account to: - share up-to-date information - receive up-to-date information - sync their address book with the services they use

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Created December/2015

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