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Yachting is an aspirational, passional and complex sport. Not every sailor is an owner. Sailors are always in a hunt for sailing opportunities. On the other hand, owners need a minimum, yet reliable crew. Most lack a large mate network to avoid a short crew situation and range becomes a dog leash . As a result, boats lay on their berths most of the time... Data shows they are in use only 10% of their operational time. BYDSEA is a private network created to build and match your marine profile, expand your yachting network and discover sailing and business opportunities. Our value proposition targets ROA and ROE (Return on Emotions) providing matching services to all complementary stakeholders for them to interact, share, swap, exchange or hire their services to unlock and expand their boating experience, at scale. With almost 28b$ sold in recreational boats US only and more than 160M cruisers worldwide, this represents a high potential niche market.

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