Camaloon produces and distributes user customized products

About Camaloon

We are - a young, multicultural and multidisciplinary startup-company from Barcelona. On Camaloon you can create and buy your own products (such as t-shirts buttons, stickers, magnets, skins, wall decals and cases ) or browse and buy artworks created by exceptional designers just for you! Camaloon means passion for printing. Each and every uploaded design is like a promise to our clients. When you receive something printed in our factory you will visually recognize it. We're working very hard to ensure: the best quality at an convenient price an out-of-this-world service to deliver exactly what we promise environmentally friendly production processes and protection of human rights . We only use high quality materials and we apply advanced production techniques. We are completely focused on developing and promoting an accessible platform and providing an outstanding service to ensure the perfect print as the standard result. We want you to smile when you receive a Camaloon product. We have the vision to empower people to stand out from the crowd by democratizing access to design and designing.

Data Camaloon

Status Startup
Total inversión 1.520.000€
Rondas inversión
  • Early/Startup 12/2014
    700,00 K€

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