We are fixing imperfections of the home-sharing economy and helping owners to make their flats more profitable

About Citygrum

Citygrum provide a solution to short-term rental apartment owners for making their flats more profitable, taking advantage of the new sharing economy websites (AirBnb,..). We take care of the flats as the owner would do, managing the ad and all the maintenance process and relationship with the visitor (check-in/check-out, cleaning,..), with a simple pricing of 20% of commission on the bookings. So the owner can relax and save more than 57 hours/week of work while making more money form their flats. With our data, we can provide a better pricing, adjusting it day to day to the offer/demand, increasing the gains. The customer are nowadays the flat owners of the cities we are available (easily scalable), since the hosts are provided by AirBnb

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Created Spain, October/2015
Status Startup

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