Clevered is a lifelong learning platform that understands the importance of capability enhancement in today's world for ambitious employees.

About Clevered

"Clevered is a platform that is being built to be your partner for the lifelong learning revolution that is sweeping our world. We will partner you by offering unique courses that span across data science, emerging technology as well as leadership. Our courses in Data science & emerging technologies are led by practitioners with deep practical experience & these programs will help you add that edge to your career trajectory. But we believe that Clevered will be more than that, we will help you plot your journey forward by helping you think through your career, in fact, we will help you with Career designing which involves redefining your job to incorporate your motives, strengths, and passions. One of the biggest tools that we offer at Clevered is mentorship—using psychometric tests, as well as extensive conversations and detailed research we are able to understand your current skills and your areas of interests and channel those to help connect with mentors who are in spaces which you would like to be in. We help you access mentors who you might not be able to reach in your everyday life, but who will be able to advise and steer you towards a career path that you desire. In today's world, it is likely that we will need many mentors, not one! By giving you access to a mentoring platform, we are enabling you to develop hybrid skills that will help you to attain and maintain specialized jobs."

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