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Clex helps local businesses and large companies easily grow and monetize their online and offline communities from their store.

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Company Summary Clex, Inc. is an IoT startup which designs and produces physical marketing products designed to help more than 105M businesses and marketing depts. extend their online and offline communities. Our flagship product is Clex ONE - a physical and interactive device that displays the number of followers and online ratings of your business on the most popular social networks in real-time. Customer Opportunity. Creating an online community of followers and fans has become a fundamental priority for any business. However, businesses not based on the internet have seen themselves in trouble when trying to convert their real customers into social-fans. There are no tools that create incentives for customers to take this step and thus losing huge business opportunities. Business Model Clex is already running a fast-growing commercial plan through a special sales funnel and local resellers that allow us to rapidly grow. Our current customer price is 299€ per device and we will be implementing a new revenue model based on monthly fees for our online platform services in the next months. Clex is not a single-device company and we are already working on new complementary services and products to add more value to our customers. Target Market The market is large-sized as there are more than 105M potential local business where Clex can fit in. At a first stage, our efforts will be focused on businesses that use social media for their business to drive growth, and are maintaining or increasing spend on digital marketing in Western Europe, US, Canada and AU. Clex owns a targeted database of +5M businesses (retail) that allow us to have a super cost-effective sales funnel. Competitors Early-stage competitors: Smiirl and FlapIt are a valuable market validation (have successfully launched a first badge). Neither Smiirl or FlapIt meet the conditions to flood the market at our speed. On the product side, Smiirl offers a really poor product compared to Clex and FlapIt. FlapIt manufacture costs are 40% higher than Clex's, blocking them to rapidly expand through resellers at a competitive cust. price (insufficient room for margin). Competitive Avantages 1. - Disruptive and super-efficient customer acquisition sales funnel (proprietary process). 2. - Manufacturing cost 40% lower than competitors (proprietary tech).
3. - Highly aggressive commercial model and a scalable distribution model that allow us to flood the market before competitors. 4. - Wide range of customization and branding possibilities.

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Created Spain, September/2015
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