We Sell and save time by helping promoters manage their clients online shopping and offline experience. We work loyalty and increase sales.

About Clic&Drink

How can we possibly sell time? Well, in fact not only do we sell it, but we also help users save it. With Clic&Drink, promoters become more efficient on their online ticket and drink selling, they increase their sales and add value to their clients experience. Clic&Drink is a tool that help promoters increase their profitability by selling their products in advance (helping their cash need and being able to plan their stock´s forecast), online, gaining real time visibility (of brand and sales) and security over staff and profits (cashless technology). With our code validation and our fast-tracks we give users extra time to spend on whatever they like. Users will experience a new way of purchasing and consuming these products. They will be better informed and end up saving some time they had been wasting until now converting users to consumers, and then to loyal consumers while improving their purchase and consumption experience. We link the offline and online world so that users interact anytime, anywhere and anyhow (multidevice); making leisure possibilities not only reachable to them, but more interesting and with added value. We open a new selling window (online, 24h sale) providing added value through interaction, data analytics, offers and promotions, and less time wasted on tracks (fast tracks and code validation). We help them sell their product, without devaluating it with aggressive non profitable deals). We also save time acting as a new communication channel, to spread their offers and promotions through real time, geolocated and personalized messages to a specific or massive audience. We aim to transform the way consumers access, purchase and consume these products, the way cinemas, theaters and other business have. We want to make it easier, meaningful and reachable to all. In longterm, our clients will be brands, or any company that want to reach our database to communicate and interact with them Clic&Drink is scalable (capable of growing and expand), sustainable (no paper, all tech) profitable (generates wealth to all actors involved) and creates Jobs

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Created Spain, March/2015
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