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About CodaInterface

CodaInterface was born aiming to improve the communication between companies and customers. We create an effective, fast and direct way to get feedback from each target audience. We attend each company along every Funnel stage to help getting the necessary information to answer the following questions: Acquisition: What is the first impression of my web page? What's the feeling it produce? Does He / she like it? What would he / she change? Activation: Why the user doesn’t sign up? Does the website shows an adequate credibility level? Retention: Have I achieved the Product - Market Fit? What are the features of my product that my customers appraise the most? And the least? Revenues: Is the pricing strategy adequate? Which is the perceived value of my product? Referral: Is the customer satisfied? The delivered value is what she / he expect? No? Why? We also attend the company in the previous stage of the Funnel: the Market Research stage. The client is all. If we aren’t able to adapt towards his needs our business will be barely feasible. Built, Measure, Learn and Act

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